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At this time our new technology is really new! The questions below have been first designed for those who've had an accident or personal injury. Next up we'll be adding Family Law into the mix to make it easier for you to communicate with us. But for now, if your questions are Family Law related please telephone our office or visit our email page and tell us your issues and questions and we'll get back with you within 24 business hours.

Hi, let's start with what you would like me to call you. First name is all we need here.
Hello [Call Me], let's begin to help you put together your information for KCEH so that they're better able to get right up to speed with your case at your FREE initial consultation. This isn't going to take long at all. Can you tell me your full name?
Thank You [Call Me]. If you have a Home Telephone please enter it here, if not just press ENTER and we'll get a cell number for you.
If you have a Cell Phone please enter it here or move on to ENTER for the next question
What is your email address?
Give us a brief description of what it is you'd like to speak to us about. This doesn't have to include every detail, remember that we're actually going to talk to one another to discuss this. But it also doesn't have a limit so feel free to tell us anything at all thats important to you about your problem.
Approximately what date did this occur?
If this was an accident, did any party go to the hospital as a result? If so please let us know the name (if youre aware of it) and the role of each of those individuals in this incident.
We're almost done! Just a few more questions. When the incident occurred who was your auto insurance company?
When the incident occurred who was your home insurance company?
And finally, were you able to exchange insurance information, and if so who is the Auto Insurance Company for the other party?
Thanks for taking the time to fill out these answers. Press the SUBMIT button and we'll review your information and be back with you within one business day.
Thanks for the time you took to get us your information. KCEH will be back to you within 1 business day


Web Submission

Potential Client Name:
[Your Name]

Potential Client Preferred Name: [Call Me]

Home Telephone: [Home Telephone]

Cell: [Cell Telephone]

email: [Email Address]

Description of Event: [Description of Event]

Approximate Date of Incident: [Date of Incident]

Medical Treatment necessary for any party: [Medical Treatment]

Client Auto Insured by: [Your Auto Insurance Company]

Client Home Insured by: [Your Home Insurance Company]

Defendant Auto Insured by: [Defendant Insurance Company]

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